Monday, 20 September 2010

Genre of Film

Genre: Horror
Sub-Genre: Psychological Horror

(See Codes & Conventions for further details)

Original Brief

I have been given the task of designing and building a media pack for a film, which will contain a trailer, a magazine cover, and a poster. To be able to create similarities with professional studio movie releases I will need to insure that I follow traditional codes and conventions, I will also take the opportunity to analyse a range of pieces of media including trailer analysis so that I can gain an improved understanding of these codes and conventions and how to apply them. Nearly every movie release has these things, they enable the film to reach its target audience therefore enabling it to sell successfully and make a profit.
I am excited to have been given this opportunity to complete this task, I am looking forward to the possible scenarios and productions that I could produce and how they would reflect the traditional codes and conventions of their specific genre, it is important for me however to be original in some way so as to distinguish from similar pieces produced from films in the past, therefore I may try to change one of the codes and conventions but the majority will be kept the same as this will help audience to instantly recognise the genre in use. Another important aspect that I will be considering is to show Continuity between the three different media productions I will be producing this will help the audience to instantly recognise a link between them this is known as a Symbiotic link, much like most of the major films released.
Planning is an essential part of this portfolio, I will therefore ensure that I properly plan and record every detail for reference if it is needed later on when I look back over what I have done when writting the evaluation.
When producing the trailer the location, costumes, actors, script, and props are just some of the things which have to be taken into account at the planning stage so that there are no errors or obvious mistakes, this will help with the overall professionalism of the finished production.
The next stage that I intend to do after planning is shoot the trailer, to produce the magazine cover, and the poster, I intend to ensure every scene is correct and therefore I will take an number of shoots of a scene for the trailer to ensure that the desired clip has been produced. After  producing the magazine cover, the poster, and the trailer another important stage is the editing, which is a very important process for all the pieces especially the trailer which will be given additional music and sounds.
 I am personally aiming for my final productions that I will produce to have a certain amount of originality but still keeping with the codes and conventions of the genre also I am hoping that the final pieces will have many similarities to higher budget films.


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