Thursday, 10 February 2011

Locations, Actors, Props, Make-Up, Camera Ideas, Sound (Mise-En-Scene)

The locations which I first decided on using when making this film trailer include. ..
All of the possible locations are rural and have a forest which can be used for filming in. 

The River Chess and Surrounding Areas

Rickmansworth & The Aquadrome


 Ruislip Woods & Surrounding Areas

However after careful consideration I felt that the best locations that would suit my film would be Northolt Park as there would be available lamp lighting for when shooting in the dark, also Holland Park was an attractive place because there was enough space to shoot long shots plus it is not usually as busy as somewhere like Rickmansworth & The Aqua Drome.

The following are location shots of Holland Park

The following is an image of Northolt Park and the area where I hope part of the filming will take place

Northolt Park featured a large amount of open ground which I felt would benefit me when carrying out long shots, since there would be fewer trees in the way- something which was a problem in Ruislip Woods, since trees were close together.

Actors & Costumes
There will be only two actors appearing in this trailer, although the film would feature more.

The first Actor is Jack
The above picture is of Jack who will be one of the actors in the trailer, As i felt dark clothing would be more suitable and the fact that it should be casual he is wearing a dark outfit, with black jeans.

The second Actor/Actress in the trailer is Kerri

Her clothing will also be casual and slightly defeminised to reflect the role she plays in the film, however she still wears a pink top, she will also be wearing dark trousers.

The type of sound used in the trailer will mostly be non-diegetic soundtracks which set the speed and feel of the trailer creating tension, odd sound effects may also be used such as for a door handle rattling or a closing door.

Camera Ideas (Angles/Shots)
An important aspect; and perhaps the most important; of producing a movie trailer is to ensure that the correct camera angles, positions and shot types are used for maximum effect. I will be using a range of different angles in my movie trailer, shot types I will use include the use of:

Long shots: to capture the characters within their surroundings, such as the use of a long shot when they are in a park creates the feeling of isolation this type of shot is often used in thrillers and horrors, to give a scope of what is going on.
Mid-Shot: This is a type of medium shot in between a very long shot and a close-up, these enable body language and facial expressions to be shown.
Close-Up: This type of shot enables facial expressions to be shown clearly giving the audience an idea of possibly how the character is feeling. This shot is common in horror films and will be a type of shot that I will be using.
Low angle Shot: This shot may be used to show the antagonist, it is usually taken from a low angle.
Two Shot: I hope to use this type of shot for when the couple are walking back from the party, it is a type of shot where two people are in the picture at the same time.
Establishing Shot: This type of shot helps to set the scene for the rest of the trailer, it will most likely be used towards the begining of the trailer, often it is used to show where the rest of a scene will take place.

 Other Equipment Used/ Props
Fog Machine: To aid in the production of my trailer (Update) I used a fog machine exactly like the one below, this was used to give the smoke effect under the door, as seen in the trailer.

Spotlighting: To be used for certain aspects of the filing such as when the level of lighting available is serverly limited, e.g. outdoor & night scenes.

Knife: The Use of a Knife in my trailer to symbolise a murder weapon for the killer is an option I have considered.
Mask: This will probably be what the killer wears- it will be kept simple, so as to not give too much away.
Torch: I have also considered the use of a torch for when the characters search outside for the killer.

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