Friday, 8 April 2011

Post Production Research

This is my Post-Production research into my audience, a sample of 8 people were gathered to conduct a focus group, they were asked general questions regarding the trailer and two ancillary tasks.

  • The ages of the participants ranged from 18 to 23.
  • Much like the Focus group they were mostly Psychological horror enthusiasts. 

Feedback (Points Made & Possible recommendations)

The Trailer
  • Good Use of sound effects, which match the speed (mostly) of the trailer although it was out of sync at points.
  • Too many similar scenes used in the trailer, people remarked on this being one of the downfalls
  • Good begining to the trailer, like any other trailer
  • Also mentioned was the ending being professional e.g. The Sting.
  • The Straps got a positive reception although the ending strap was a weakness
  • Positive remark on the use of a fog machine to create the smoke.
  • The beginning of the trailer was said to have matched with the sound very well
  • The middle of the trailer was the weakest partl; the sound effects did not go with the trailer.

The Ancillary Tasks
  • The film poster was praised for looking professional, with the red style font
  • Good use of the Universal logo although someone suggested the black logo did not stand out very well.
  • Lack of any credits on the poster was a dissapointment to the focus group
  • People said the Tagline on the poster gives an idea of the what the film will be about
  • The magazine cover received mixed feelings in the focus group:
    • The Masthead was well liked
    • The banner colour was not suitable according to a few people
    • Lack of sell-lines and layout/colour used were also issues the focus group suggested needed improving
    • Good use of the image on the front cover, relates to the poster

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