Monday, 1 November 2010


Plot Outline
       A small group of friends are at a party in the middle of the woods. Something at the part happens when the antagonist (killer) is ignored and shunned by a girl he is trying to impress, the antagonist was obssessed with the girl and after seeing her with someone else this obsession develops into anger.
•   When the party was over every went their seperate ways and the girl left with her boyfriend, it was late about this time (1am) and therefore it was very dark, after leaving the party the couple begin to get the feeling they are being followed.
       Girl and boy go home and campaign of  terror begins. They are tormented in a number of ways, with small things to begin with, then big things before he tries to kill both of them. The torment occurs with a range of items in their home going missing, problems with the electricity, the feeling of being watched, and noises being heard around the home.
       The killer and the girl’s boyfriend will have a confrontation when he tries to protect his girl. The boyfriend will die, but the girl will survive by killing the psychopath (antagonist).

Killer Tactics

 The killer uses fear to weaken their victims and then kills by using anything he has to hand which makes him even more deadly since it is not so easy to prevent him from killing. Objects that he would use in the film include, bricks, a Knife (used to kill the male lead character; Jack), and broken glass from a window he has smashed. 

The killer uses a number of scare tactics, such as the use of noises, prank calls, even cutting off the electricity when he gains access to inside the house. The killer will make himself hidden with the aid of a white mask.

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