Monday, 1 November 2010

General Questionnaire on Horror Films

Welcome to the questionnaire on Horror Films, by conducting research through this questionnaire I hope to gain a better insight into what type of horror films interest the particular age groups I have chosen, this will then give me an idea of what sort of horror film I should opt to produce. Also the questionnaire will hopefully tell me more about how often they watch film trailers and the methods they use to do so, and it will also give me ideas on what I could possibly include in my trailer.

1.       What Gender are you? (Circle the answer which applies)
Male                      Female
2.       What age range do you fall into? (Circle the one which applies to you)
13-15                     16-18                     19-21                     21-24                     25-29                     30-35    

3.       What is your favourite of type of Horror Films? (Circle the answers which applies)
Psychological (Where the killer is an ordinary person, plays with the persons mind)
Supernatural (Involving the unknown e.g. someone possessed, ghosts, paranormal)
Slasher (Where a lot of people are killed, a lot of bloody scenes.
Gothic (Where there is an element of mystery)
Other (If unsure just write a film as an example)

4.       What is your favourite horror film?

5.       Why is this film one of your favourites? (E.g. is it the plot line, the character…)

6.       Where do you usually watch Horror films?
Home                    Cinema                 Other (Please State)

7.       How often do you watch Horror film trailers? (Circle the one which applies to you)
Everyday             A few times a week        Once a week      A few times a month     
Once a month   Several times a Year      A couple of times a year        Once a Year

8.       How do you usually watch Horror film trailers? (Circle all that apply)
You-tube             Other Website (Please State)    
Cinema                 TV           Other   
9.       Are there any films (in general) which you have gone to see based on the film trailer? (Please list all which apply)

10.   What made you want to go and see the film based on the trailer? (i.e. how did the trailer interest you in the film)

11.   Are there any films you wanted to go and see but after watching the trailer you changed your mind? (If so, please say why)

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