Monday, 1 November 2010

Post Pitch Analysis

The original intention was to have the killer follow someone back to a house, however it was soon discovered that there were a number of problems not covered with this idea. Also it was unknown how exactly the killer would torment its victim.

The original ideas and basic plotline was:
       A small group of people are on their way back from a party in the middle of the woods when one of them gets the sense that they are being followed…
       Later the same night they go home with the belief they have been followed, therefore trying to lock all doors and windows, however no one else has seen anyone following them.
       The person who first assumed they were being followed believes they are in fact psychic and can see the past, present & future.
       The group of friends are constantly harassed by an unknown assailant who repeatedly bangs on the doors and windows, whenever someone dares to have a look there is no one there.
       The person who first mentions about being followed turns on the group of friends in a moment of madness, they have had a history of psychological mental health problems although they seemed normal.

  Possible locations where I could film my trailer include. Around the area of Ruislip and the Ruislip Woods area, also possibly the Rickmansworth area as it is a rural town with woodland, Northolt Park or even Holland Park also to film on.


Problems Encounted
 There were a number of different problems that I encounted when using the idea of the hounse setting, one major problems was reconising the possible events that could happen in the house. Items in the house also had to be moved to ensure continuity could be achieved for the filming of the trailer.

After Audience Feedback
Feedback from the pitch was mainly positive, however there were a number of plot holes that needed to be attended to so that the whole plot idea and story worked out. Problems had arisen in terms of the overall plotline such as, how the killer would develop the urge to kill someone else, what the reason would be behind it- would be as all killers need a motive?; this was acknowledged by making the killer jealous of someone else’s girlfriend.

Areas which would remain the same in terms of the plot would be the party at the beginning of the trailer, also another area which would remain the same is the idea of the victims leaving the party and going home.
 However the differences with the plot would be the fact that the party will be in celebration for Halloween, at the party a girl that the killer is obsessed with is shunned when he trys to make a move on her, later he sees this girl with someone else, later the girl and boy go home and the terror campaign begins, possible tactics the killer uses include throwing bricks and thinks through the window but also the killer has gained entrance into the house, but instead of killing them straight away he uses a number of terror tactics, such as stealing valued items after which throwing them back at the distressed couple.

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