Monday, 1 November 2010

Focus Group Questionnaire

The focus group was conducted with 6 people from ages ranging from 18 to 24 years old who all have a level of interest in Psychological Horror films. By conducting this focus group questionnaire I hope to become aware of possible ideas for my film trailer based on feedback for example, the type of films they like and then research these films to find out more, like the types of codes and conventions they use.

1.       What age range do you fall into? (Circle the one which applies to you)
13-15                             16-18                     19-21                     21-24                     25-29                     30-35    
2.       Why do you enjoy watching Psychological Horror films?

3.       What is one of your favourite Psychological Horror films?

4.       Why is this film one of your favourites? (E.g. is it the plot line, the character…)

5.       Are there any particular Characters that you liked from this genre of Horror films?

6.       Is there any Psychological Horror which you didn’t really like, if so what was it called?

7.       Where do you usually watch Psychological Horror films?
Home                    Cinema                 Other (Please State)

8.       How often do you watch Psychological Horror film trailers? (Circle the one which applies to you)
Everyday             A few times a week        Once a week      A few times a month     
Once a month   Several times a Year      A couple of times a year                               Once a Year
9.       How do you usually watch Horror film trailers? (Circle all that apply)
Internet               Cinema                 TV           Other

10.   What type of locations do you usually see when watching this type of genre of horror films?

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