Monday, 1 November 2010

Film Magazine Cover Analysis of Total Film, Inception

This analysis is of the Total Film magazine, with the main feature being for the film Inception. The issue I will be reviewing this time comes is the summer 2010 special edition. This cover features the Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. 

The main image on the front cover of Total Film is of Leonardo DiCaprio, who is in a black tuxedo carrying what looks like a gun with a silencer on it, wearing black leather gloves. In the background of the image there are a number of buildings shown from a bird’s eye view and also shown from a head on perspective behind the actor.  The main sell line on the front cover says ‘Inside The Ultimate Head Trip’ above which is the name of the film, Inception, the main image relates to the image because they are both about the same film. Also the actor looks as if he is looking or hunting down someone, therefore the buildings relate to his journey of search and discovery. The main image on the front cover would suggest that the film definitely has an association with the Thriller and the Action genre; this conclusion can be drawn because of the use of a gun and the way in which the man is dressed like a secret agent or assassin. The poster for the film Inception has a number of similarities with the magazine front cover which help to create a symbiotic link, such as the birds eye view of the buildings and also the colour used in both of the pieces of media are very similar, another interesting thing to note in terms of the similarities is the use of the word ‘mind’, which is mentioned on both articles, suggesting is significance to the film. The image of the actor on the front cover is a medium long shot from a slightly low angle suggesting his authority, his suite also adds to the opinion that this man is important in some way. 

The name of the film is Inception, the magazine masthead is Total film, which instantly means that the magazine will probably be about mainstream cinema therefore Inception must be a mainstream film which has a big budget and will appeal to a wide ranging target audience. The masthead moves away from its traditional white colour font for this issue possibly due to the fact that it is a special summer edition, the size of the masthead appears to be relatively unchanged, however the big change for this issue is the design and colours, this masthead has almost become part of the overall image only standing out due to it being slightly more whiter than the surrounding image. The masthead has been designed for this issue to relate specifically to the main film featured. The overall size and style of the writing remains unchanged except from the obvious colour differences, this helps to create brand identity. 

The sell-lines comment on a number of films, such as, ‘Predators, Re-boot of the year’, other films mentioned in the sell-lines, include, clash of the titans, Toy Story 3, Shrek 4, and the A-Team, all of  these mentioned are mainstream well known films that would appeal to the magazines target readership since they will probably be interested in well-known films. Phrases such as Toy Story 3 Vs Shrek 4 help to pull the audience in out of curiosity, and the differences between the two films, other phrases such as ‘First Looks!’ are written in red to emphasise their importance but it also draws the audience in to find out more. A puff is also used on the main front cover which says ‘Tron everything you need to know’ fans of Tron will instantly want to find out more using a Puff also makes it stand out. White is the main colour used on the sell-lines which go well against the darker background helping them to stand out. The mode of address used for the sell-lines is very direct and to the point, this is so the point can be put across without the need to read a long sentence which could make a reader loose interest. 

This particular issue contains a large amount of text although it is a special edition issue which could mean it is larger than usual, most of the text is kept to the right hand side of the page with a large amount in the middle of the page. This is unusual because traditionally most of the text would be on the left hand side of the magazine cover.

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