Monday, 1 November 2010

Target Audience Profile

 Target Audience Profile
Age: Between 18 -35 years old
Occupation: Student, Successful Career. 
Activities:  They lead a very sociable lifestyle going out regularly with friends out to night clubs and down the pub. They enjoy regularly doing sport/exercise, possibly football, running, and tennis etc. 
Favourite Film Genre: Psychological Horror/Thriller
Other Genres: Action, Adventure, General Horror (other subgenres)
Favourite Films: The Shinning, The Strangers, The Omen, The Exorcist

They may have a keen interest in horror films, particularly the Psychological Sub-genre, they are probably slightly more sophisticated and generally of an older age than those who watch slasher films, they are typically male although females also enjoy the horror subgenre. They will typically visit the cinema to watch a film once a month, usually being a horror film. They also have a keen interest in DVDs and BLU-RAY’s, having a developed collection of films including many from the horror genre and particularly the psychological horror subgenre. They are likely to enjoy such Psychological horror films as The Strangers, and also The Shinning. They enjoy watching films which have developed characters who are more than just one layer, such as the character Jack Nicholson plays in the shinning, the typical psychopathic character.

They lead a very busy lifestyle and therefore they like to watch a film, usually being a horror during the evening. They  may also like to enjoy watching their favourite films over again this is why they enjoy a film which has re-watchable value and can be viewed a number of times and new things can be discovered from the plotline, this is why they enjoy more developed horror films such as Psychological Horror.

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