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Questionnaire Analysis

Two different sets of questionnaires were performed on two different cross sections of people. The first one was a general questionnaire conducted on 5 people giving an overview of people’s horror film interests and how often they watch movie trailers and how they watch them. The second questionnaire was based on responses from a focus group comprising of 6 different horror film enthusiasts.

General Questionnaire
To enable me to recognise the different aspects such as their likes and dislikes relating to different areas of the horror genre I conducted a general horror questionnaire from a sample of 5 different people, the questionnaire was anonymous although I did ask participants to state what age range they fall under. 

1.       What Gender are you?

The gender questionnaire was useful because it help me to recognise what gender horror may be more popular with, from then knowing whether one particular gender enjoys horror more than the other may have its uses when creating my horror trailer. Although since the audience was chosen I cannot assume one gender enjoys horror more than the other, however when relating to the other questions it may be useful. The following is the chart showing the percentage who were male and the percentage of people taking part who were female, it clearly shows that more men took part in the questionnaire specifically 3 men and 2 women.

2.    2. What age range do you fall into?

This question was based on the age ranges of the people who took part, knowing this information is important since it will give me an idea of the typical ages that people enjoy horror films. The results of the age range will be useful in conjunction with the other questions from the analysis such as the type of horror films they enjoy; it will then give me an idea of what type of horror films I should make for my target audience. Based on the results below it shows how everyone who took part in the questionnaire were between the ages of 16 and 24, this suggests that I should ensure I target my trailer to these age ranges particularly. Horror is usually always more popular with younger audiences, and these results prove this.

3.       What is your favourite of type of Horror Films?

This question was very important because it helped me to understand the best horror film genre of horror I should use to base my film on, usually among younger audience members horror sub-genres such as Slasher are more popular, and these results prove this, however supernatural also ranked highly.

4.       What is your favourite horror film? &  5.       Why is this film one of your favourites?

The answers to these questions were written on the questionnaire and the respondents were allowed to list more than one, films people listed included, films from the Final Destination franchise, and also some of the Saw films were also listed, along with Signs, The Sixth Sense, Scream, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The responses for choosing these films were that they thought the films were different (original) than any other films, they enjoyed the scare which they got from the film, other responses were also slightly inconclusive such as one person who said that they thought this film was a classic, perhaps meaning that it was original. Based on these responses I now have an idea of what type of plotline I should write for my film based on ideas from these films, e.g. how originality is achieved.

6.       Where do you usually watch Horror films?

I allowed all respondents on this question to select more than one answer if they would like too since some people may view horror films at home and at the cinema, the ‘other’ responses were nonexistence although I included this just in case people viewed films in other ways, perhaps at a friend’s house. The following answers below suggest that most people questioned would go to the cinema to view horror films, although around a third still watch them at home.

7.       How often do you watch Horror film trailers?

This question was based on the frequency that people view horror film trailer in general. The following results suggest that on average people watch horror film trailers at least once a week or a minimum of once a month, this gives me an idea of the viewing habits of people who watch horror film trailers.

8.       How do you usually watch Horror film trailers?
Film trailers in general can be watched in a number of different ways, the answers given for this question specifically relate to the viewing habits of people with regards to horror film trailers. In a constantly changing technological environment this question was a good one to ask because it helped me recognise how much of an audience I would possibly achieve by placing my trailer online. The answers prove my assumptions that watching film trailers is popular now through online media outlets such as You-Tube this means I should reach a wider audience.

9.       Are there any films (in general) which you have gone to see based on the film trailer? 

This question was very important to ask because similarly to the one asked regarding their favourite films I can get an idea of the types of films that would be worth looking at the trailers to recognise how they were effective. The films mentioned were: The Unborn, The Strangers, Final Destination 3, 28 Days Later, Saw, and The Mist.

10.   What made you want to go and see the film based on the trailer?

A summary of response about each of the films is listed below. 

Saw: Renewed interest in horror as it looked original and very scary and also realistic. 

The Unborn: Enjoy the supernatural type horrors- looked good.

Final Destination 3: Enjoyed the previous film, had a different characteristic to this film- number of enjoyable plot twists.

28 Weeks Later: Became very popular, scenes are very realistic; the idea behind the film was interesting.

The Mist: Looked very scary, enjoyed the idea of the monsters, and wanted to see what it was like.
Based on these responses it clear that I should include some of the tradition horror codes and conventions, to enable me to generate a piece of horror media which is both original but also within the excepted standards.

11.   Are there any films you wanted to go and see but after watching the trailer you changed your mind?

The answers give to me by this question enable me to recognise where I could go wrong and hopefully to avoid this. Not every had an answer to give for this question, it could be considered to be rather ambiguous because someone may have seen a trailer and possibly liked the film but not bothered seeing it also some people said they could not think of any films however the films which some wrote were: The Village, The Happening, Ring 2, Hill Have Eyes 2 (remake), and Fog.

Focus Group Questionnaire
The focus group was conducted on six different Psychological horror enthusiasts; the questions specifically target this group of people.

1. What age range do you fall into? 
This question like the one on the general questionnaire will help me to recognise the age of the group of people I will be targeting my promotional pack at. Psychological horror usually has a more developed and older audience than horrors such as slasher, these results show that only 1 person under the age of 18 enjoys this genre.

2.Why do you enjoy watching Psychological Horror films?
jg   This question was asked because I felt it was necessary for me to know why people watch horror films, especially those in the psychological horror genre. as if i know why people enjoy horror films I can then use this knowledge when making my own trailer. Answers that were given in relation to this question were as follows, people enjoy the thrill and enjoyment that they get from horror films. People commented on how they have an adrenaline rush from horror films, and they also mentioned how watching horrror films is a form of escape.

3. What is one of your favourite Psychological Horror films? & 4. Why is this film one of your favourites?

This question like the one on the general horror questionnaire gives me further knowledge on the types of psychological horrors that people enjoy.

Saw: It created an interest in horror films for them, they also said that it kept them on the edge of their seat.

Paranormal Activity: There was a lot of tension created, the film felt very real and had created a lot of fear.

The Shinning: Very original, good story, the ending is cleverly done and unexpected.

The Ring: The idea of the use of the video tape which was cursed was unusual- keeps the viewer hooked.

Blair Witch Project: Based on true life story makes it feel all the more real and scary, overwhelming scare factor created.

The Exorcist: Very involoving and scary, very disturbing with a lot of gruesome special effects.

5. Are there any particular Characters that you liked from is genre of Horror films?

This question gives me the opportunity to study peoples favourite individual characters from these horror films. The antagonist from The Shining (Jack Torrance), The Saw: Jill, The Ring: Rachel Keller.

6. Is there any Psychological Horror which you didn’t really like, if so what was it called?

The question gives me the opportunity to understand the films that people who are a fan of Psychological horror, didn't like. They were as follows:

28 Weeks Later
Ring 2
Hills Have Eyes 2

7. Where do you usually watch Psychological Horror films?

This question was asked on the general questionnaire although I also though it would be a good idea to include this here as well since it will give me a better understanding of how people view Psychological horror films. Since this questionnaire was conducted on a focus group of enthusiast of horror, the answer here reflects this.

8. How often do you watch Psychological Horror film trailers?

Psychological Horror film fanatics typically view film trailers on a regular basis as can be shown here in the following graph.

9. What type of locations do you usually see when watching this type of genre of horror films?

 Gaining an idea of the type of locations used in horror films will give me an idea of suitable locations to shoot my horror film trailer.

  • Remote locations
  • Abandoned house/building
  • Forest
  • House
  • Abandoned warehouse
  • Farm
  • Remote Village
A common trait among locations for horror films is that they are either remote or very few people are around.

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