Monday, 1 November 2010

Ideas For Poster & Magazine Cover

Here is just a summary of my initial ideas for my magazine front cover and poster (symbiotic link):

In order to achieve my goal of creating a realistic and professional looking promotional pack I will need to ensure that I follow the codes and conventions as set out earlier in the blog. Firstly the most important thing for me to consider is to make sure I create some sort of symbiotic link between the pieces of media, to do this I will need  have added similarites which can be related to each other. Areas that I have considered I can create this similarites are; the use of colour, font type, and images used.

I will mostly likely use a similar image on the poster and magazine although I believe that it is best that they are not identical so that things can be kept fresh for the audience, although elements of the image are likely to be recognisable to audiences who have seen one or other ancillary pieces. Colours will also most likely be reused, along with font type.

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